Tuesday, June 17, 2008

exposed films

Today,i had a debate with a friend of mine,concerning of our Malaysian film industry. Lately (as i heard) our film are sucking up 2 the audiences demands rather than morale demands that we Malaysian actually need. Producr wants money and audience wants suckish stuff...they're both hitting up 4 d jack pot of this lifetime. With this,i'm guessing,the afterlife was their last concern.

Though if we look at it at another point of view,bein optimistic and good citizens,we should take dis suckish film as a lesson to be learned. These films,are also helping us realise how we malays are mostly destroying our own future,selling our souls and self respect directly to the west culture... Though it's rare to find these like minded creatures...

However this type of suckish film has to be mended,as i think banishing them would be too much of a reaction. What i'm trying to say is that they should start to be more sensitive about what they are exposing to the people,if they want 2 expose about how bad some people are... they should also remember about exposing the audience about whats a yes and what's a not.

NO matter how much drastic meassures does a movie needs,insulting doesn't work at all... instead it allows backfires.

Bein stopped or blocked,is a lame excuse 4 anybody 2 claim about. If u are stopped u'd go d other way... not excusing,self pitying urself. Life is wutever but ,easy. To be heard,you 1st must hear. To be aware off,you must 1st respect others.To achieve no matter wut you must try,take a chance. Because as long as it is not a sin anything can happen especially with the pure of hearts.

This is just my thoughts.. cud be wrong,cud be right.... so dont ever take my words too seriously. With great power,comes great responsbility. the higher we are the more we need to give back...

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