Monday, September 29, 2008

LAme dah mende nie jadi persoalan dlm otak aku.. haduuuh.. camne ek nk start????

Hmm... lets start it like this... indie band-they work. as in 100% perspiration or none. sume dr modal yg diusaha sendri.

tapi ada kawan aku komen itu naseb sndrila bab xnk cari sponsor,xnk go under records.
Thing is my dears... kalo go under label maka apekah definisi indie itu???
The reason(pada aku ar) diorang prefer brsusah payah dmi industri yg diceburi. when you go under sponsors and records.. you tend to HAVE TO follow their decisions. It is no longer ur 'baby'. Plus sampai bile kite asyik nk dbawah naungan n kongkongan org?? smpi bile?? bukanke sesungguhnya kalo nk maju kite mrujuk pada orang,bukan ikot telunjuk seseorang itu membuta.
Plus wuts wrong wit wanting ur work to be 110% ur work, ur perspiration,ur ideas and most of all ur decision....

it is sad when we see only so many people would do so much to get sponsors and such. They tend to lose deir self respect. for instance where an artist in malaysia no longer appriciated for their art of entertaining but for their beauty... and how are we suppose to go far wit that perspective in our daily lives.

people,please start openin up ur mind. plisss... most of us stay indie... suffer for our carrier, not taking the 'swipe n go' way... bcos we really want-one day when we look back we'd be only so proud of wut we did. even if we fail at least it is somethin dat we put our back into it.

when was d last time you really put ur faith and back into it?? When was d last time u stood up indipendently????

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