Tuesday, December 23, 2008

are we ready?? (p1)

this has been questioning me for a long while. are we-Malaysians, are ready for the change needed to improve our live and unity. are we ready to open our minds, to see new horizons so that we can improve and build a better nation and also BE better people in person.

lately lots of controversies came up. covering from religion to race and rights n law. it stupid that it's all d job of our own politicians,our 'Wakil' rakyat. more like 'Penindas'(being a public figure,one should realise their tanggungjawab. seriously! there is more to being a leader than kuasa dan pangkat)

however that's not wut i'm gonna talk about,wut i will and am talkin about is the people, their perception and how they view things. being Malaysian(race is a non concern) we are almost famed as bein emotional when it comes to politics. this so wrong,in soooo many ways. politics is a serious matter neither a leader nor follower should get emo or be dramatic in making decisions. but somehow we 'clever' n oh so 'mature' malaysians always,i repeat, ALWAYS get emo no matter what the issue is,as long as it involves races and religion.

it is true it's a sensitive topic,tapi perluke buat keputusan tanpa consulting the brain..?? that's an even stupid step(ke-2 bodo selepas salah step menimbulkan topik sensitiv) okay so some say ala ketua pun manusia. and so kalo korang nak cakap camtu, here's a come back:

ok fine,ur ketua make mistakes.. so how bout you?the followers? will just keep following your leader's butts even if it's wrong?

Voicing out the truth is not wrong. but keeping quiet and go along, when you know 'somethin's' up IS wrong....everybody make mistakes.. so everybody should keeep an open mind AND heart. and everybody should also realise-advices and questions should not be taken offensively... bcos one way or another,it makes u grow up ^.^

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