Monday, December 15, 2008

chain of stupidZ-pltcs

So we live in a very varied country,both in racen and religion too. But then the harmony of our diversity is still to be questioned... are we really harmonious? Do we have each other's back??

In my daily life we seems dat we do... but why,oh WHY do politicians have 2 use d subject of religion,race and rights as a factor to pull the peoples interest n trust. Dey,as so called 'respectable' people shud know better not to discuss sensitive issues 2 d public, wut else to question these issues in public and to the media. Politicians-Who the hell do you think you are??? just because you have d name,you think you are god?? change everything within grasp??

The problem is,dey always go 4 the 'dis looks good' plan, rather then the 'long term and implicated' plan... dey want to look good,without d rights, neither 2 live through hardship. Do they think handling few millions of people, is as easy as being on top and people will listen thus behave?? Having a stupid leaders(not literally) willl show how stupid the followers are, so shows d stupid people who support these people. This chain of stupidity-divides us... makes us forget that this land-'Malaysia' BELONGS to us ALL... also makes us 4get that our forefathers stood up and fought 4 it... this chain of stupidz shows how we- are ungratefull and ignorant to our history. to know about it-is one thing,to respect and learn from it is another. This goes especially those wit 'rights'-just bcos dey have rights,dey feel safe n refuse 2 work hard n just b content it is not that i say dey shud b greedy,but they shud GO,FIGHT for what dey want..... and plus these right-dey shud earn it!our forefathers risked deir life for it,wut did u ever do to deserve it??!!

The passion within d Malaysian hearts, i feel that it's fading...dying.... the very light dat gave us hope n dreams tends to go darker... d love 4 d country is dying even as we speak.... whosever fault it maybe.... nobody really cares. But wut ever it is,a leader holds d reponsibility,so if a leader cant buckle up, wud d people even know d term of buckling up??

We all will definitely go down if our leaders continue to show deir 'great' capabilities of handling d country like wut dey are showing now. bcos life,to it... one shud have a vision... and so-do they actually see theirs?? and they have it??

I question,how many of us,has actually done sumthing to keep up d fight and stand up for what our forefathers fought n risk their live for...

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