Wednesday, January 28, 2009


so.. what does hapiness means to you??

is it that thing that makes you smile as time goes by?

or the thing that makes you say hey life's okay?

was it that keeps you going when ur guts says stop?

OR you never did tought about it cause you were too bz to complain about other stuff??

well yeah every has their own opinion when asked what is happiness.and duuh yeah it is subjective. but no matter how different it is through each perspective its still the same in one term... happiness is the only thing that carries us from the cruel pain of reality even for a while.

my happiness used to be the solid silence i received,the solemn situation somehow feeds my happiness, as if i was fullfilled. i really felt like it. like i needed nothin else to complete me.

then as i get older,having different friends.. the experience of the unknown was the only thing that could carve a smile on the lips. every unknown was os intriguing.without achieveng new things everyday it seems to disturb me... and this source happiness still does give a big effect on me,if not much but must be a little. getting new exprerience,learning from them-though take time it always makes me realise that the world will still go on even if i didn' its either buckle up early or take ur time n then go catch up running.

then furthering my studies,happiness seems so blur. i love being able to contribute... but so burdened when i have to. staying between the lines just sucks cket. but i somehow cant get out that insecure world... having responsibilities means work.. i really neeed to jugle between rest,study and interest.. huhu

in the early stage i even sacrificed my happiness 4 somebody else... haha..yupp.. fell in love. but it was wprth it,he's now my happiness after my family....or in precise my dad.

so happiness keeps changing from time to time. no definite definition,except d fact that it makes us hope 4 d better of everything,making us believe in luck. without it wudn't we be creatures who knows nothing but nitemares and bad dreams ,bcos life is filled with pure negativity... so to help us to stand up.... happiness is given for ourselve and to share.

so let me answer my own question..... happiness to me.... is;

that something deep within ur heart that pushes you to keep smillin

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