Thursday, February 19, 2009

Adequately acting??

Lately a roomate of mine, let her heart out about her class to me. Seems that her classmates been talking behind her back. bad things! I do admit she does have a problem with her attitude and self presentation. But talking bad behimd a person's back is NOT the way to go. I mean in what way is it helpful OR good??? You might have sense of satisfaction,and probavly feel good about yourself 4 a li'l while. and a plus for the sin you've done by talking bad.

However have you ever thought about the effects of what you've done?? to yourself and to others?? It did make you become;
-Self Absorbed: You make yourself feel good,forgeting what other people would feel.
-Inconsiderate: You leave no room forthe person to improve. Heck,you never thought the word 'improve'
-Bitter Person:Can't accept that you yourself is not perfect. Because the fact you keep talking bad about other's bad BEHIND their back,means you Do have something to hide that creates hatred.
-who feeds on other people's misery: You just suck the heck out of somebody, and enjoy the fact that they are bein hated and disgraced.

However what's important is that it causes you to live in a blinded live, where you don't realise,everything has its pros and cons. Eveything happens for a reason. You live in a life where you think,see and hear the way you want it to be,a false live which you create. and which will at the same time WILL destroy you- sooner or later.

While to others,you actually help them to gather sins... you bad mouth about others, they have to listen,the fact they lidten they get the sin too. And if they tend to fall to your trap and feel dislike like you do its another bonus sin. would you look at that... how happy are you to able to gather the residents of hell. Damn,does satan's are clapping for you aren't they...??
On the amnother way to see it,they might hate you back instead. coz if you can tak bad about your own friends, how bout them? and another thing,if they actually know the other person better youmight get a counter fire...

talking bad behind others, is just wrong. if they actually find out they'd get hurt(means you suck-for hurting others). No secrets are kept forever. Have ever thought if you were in their place? how it'd hurt and cause pain? or even might traumatize that person. would you be happy tro find out about people tlaking bad about you??

Why cant you just face them head on. tell them what are their problem that bothers you so much that you just want to tell the world except that person. if you actually able to do so wont that be a better step? they get to improvise themself and you get the deed. and you wont have the same heartache over and over gaian every single time you meet them.

You should at least give them chance to improvise before judging and spread sins around you. If that person wont make themself better find another way... i mean the person whom your bad mouthing is practically damaged,one way or another. so why dont mend it? why make it worse??

I'll let you do the thinking.. is your bad mouthing actually usefull?? does it realy benefit you in anyway?? or does it actually lets you to live and swim and drink in your pool of lies???

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  1. hoho.. bad-mouthing is bad. ish4.. khai mengong.war4.