Friday, April 17, 2009

give the chance!!


Halus all!! Todays topic is... giving our music and movie industry a hand.... this pops into my head dis mornin...

Here's the thing as much as we all don't know... we Malaysians actually have the talent those of international achievers. But then we cant actually achieve cos non of us are supporting each other,with the piracy, the 'naah cant b dat good' attitude, uh oh and the 'talk behind their back' attitude... Cant u guys be civilised and criticize the person up front?? i mean they should understand-if they want to improve themself,they will have to except other people's opinion.

That's another problem- most people within this industry tend to explode when a person gives an opinion that collides with theirs. They will be so defensive-damn ihate when they act that way,it so freakin annoying in other words-GROW UP,GET MATURED.

Okay back to the 'consumer's' role is that we should support them its not fair for us expecting great things from the local industry without us supporting it,that's plain not fair and shows that we as a consumer, sux. :P

Everybody and i mean EVERYBODY deserves the chance to shine, try&learn and to show their credibility.... If not given so, how can we expect great things then??

I mean u wouldn't know a child will be a great rider, if you dont give him/her the chance of getting him/her a bicycle.

a case-pop shuvit, they weren't given any chnace here in Malaysi, cos we're just so stereotype, unable to except new things-by locals(even if it is positive). So they tried it outside.. and guess what? they are better in accepting. It is so damn sad when we can see so many talents and also see them get wasted due to our stereotype and pesissmisticness... >:(

Lets just say, in short here,i'm just hopin the best for us Malaysian(includin me) to change our attitude and start bein optimistic when it comes to our local product,if we'd try for foreign product why not local? and to the producers, buckle up, show us, show the world what good great things u r capable of, cos somehoew i have great faith in you guys.

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  1. i pon tak tau mane i dapt cr blog u..
    bukan ke u post bulletin kat mespes [asal ur entree aritu???

    lupe la tuh????
    k gud luck to u too.....