Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lives decision.

I just finished reading about people's last words and some suicide notes. after reading them i have this not so comfortable feeling in my guts. why? because i start to think do we care about our friends well being, do we know how bad their lives are? would we know if something REALY bad happened to him or her that might cause him/her to even consider 'suicide' as a way out. i am so woriied and concern. i love my friends and family.... i cant imagine if one would take suicide as a decision.. the world is a beautiful and wonderful place-please know that,also it is filled with just some sick people but then some people are great and mostly,without you realising it they are right beside you. please family,friends, acquitance... cherish your live... death is a decision our 'superior' decides not ourselves. the hardships are meerly tests and 'between the line' courage for you... for whatever reason you say the world is no longer your place to be.... it cannot redefine nor challenge the reason you are in people's heart and memories.

ps:to family and friends,i love you all dearly. To strangers out there if given the chance i'd love you too. :)

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