Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Everyday we go through life, fighting for what we feel is right and what we believe in. when a mistake is done. some say.... lets do better tomorow or tomorow will be a better day. But then do we realy have tomorow?? we are not promised of tomorow, life is just something we were given loan. so why are we so confident of the future,so confident that we tend to forget what is of the present.

With mistakes comes along regrets... don't tel me you've never done anything you regret.. In regrets.. some may have the chance to reverse it, some... just carry it 'till their deathbed. At night before closing our eyes... do we think of what we did? of our regrets... can we realy take it back and improvise it later? or would it be too late when after we have closed our eyes... does anybody have the answer? i don't but i know it is best not create any regrets because not only it cuts with you deep.. it's gonna be with you-like a friggin scar you can't remove.

but then again maybe mistakes shouldn't be our regrets.... Sould be our pride and joy shouldn't it? I mean bayangkan,mane ade manusia yang tak penah regret,sume ade bwat salah BUT we learn and we get better.So setiap kesalahan should our biggeest pride and joy but a discreet one tak perlula nak celebrate tgh malam semata2 dah bwat salah n kunun belaja bende baru(sedangkan bwat salah bab tak peka). I everybody take mistakes as regrets that scares for life we'll be living in a traumatized land, so lets instead create a positive one :D

Pretty confuzing eh? Wut i am trying to say is actually, dalam idop everybody has their ups and downs and even their turn arounds(you know the moment where wutever you do rase cam tade beza pape pon) Without mistakes we wouldn't learn new things but mistakes occasionally create scars not only to but even others. So don't be afraid to experience mistakes but it is best to do mistakes when necessary and not out of STUPIDITY...

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