Thursday, April 16, 2009

sins n such

Everyday,before we sleep... do we think of how many bad sins have we done today? be it small or big. it's just that 'Do We?'

Do we stop a while and think of the gifts from god, do we stop to say 'Alhamdulillah?'

Oh how many sins have we done? including for forgetting the little but oh so priceless gifts given by Him to us. Are we that ignorant? The reason we can breathe is that He allows to do so. The reason we exist and still do is because He grants us the permission so.

I am not better of what is mentioned above,but when i think of it, it's like my heart is ripped as i just realised how ignorant i am... always forgeting my creator- Allah s.w.t. He gave the gift of the world just so humans remember the immortal life of later but... ignorance blinds all.

All my wrongs,others may not see or realise but He sees them, my sins and my deeds. We tend to be 'berkira' in accomplishing deeds, feeling accomplished after doing so. But how many of us realise our sins? and how many of us actually regret or by any chance feel bad. Many says He is the forgiving but have we forgotten He also decides what not to forgive. And who are we to actually think we would be forgiven or not. We are merely 1 of His creation,puny compared what He has created for us.

Before ending this little lecture,a word of expression: As a part of His tiny creation,given the gift of life and also the gift to keep living. What have we done to actually deserve His great gifts? And have we been thankful for it?

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