Thursday, May 7, 2009

dressing up,teach-able??

I have a thought in my mind, when we begged to live under instituition, it meant giving our best into the education system or at least pass. We also agreed in obeying the terms and conditions n rules n regulations. also listen to the superiors- especially to the 'big man upstairs'. Though a wee bit tide up from the freedom view i had when i has in my secondary, i don't really mind-sacrifices are meant to be made and discipline is a virtue in this uptight and living lawsuit of life.(seriously,without it you tend to et sued easily)

Okay fair enuff, we're living under your 'hood', BUT telling us how to dress? What tha H__L(fill in blanks) man!! i don't mind if they're telling us how skin hugging your top should be-which dey don't some even look they're better off wearing an effin bikini. or whats the ratio of how short or long a top to a high or low a bottom should be(honestly,butt cracks is not a beautifull image of a nice decent person-instead an early implementation of bein a lowlife who has not much of an asset but 'that' to show off) But to tell us to wear long sleeve only is kinda out of the question. yes in terms of religion it is great way to implement. But what difference does it make if she(because he(s) are allowed to wear almost anything)
wears it here but once outside,takes off the jacket-tadaaaa... short sleeves or better yet, no sleeves.

I am not arguing on its more decent that way-yes,yes it is especially going to classes. BUT when on activities-rough ones the one that makes you sweat.. yeah.. long sleeves are killers man!! heck we roll them up,so whats the purpose of it first of all?? Shouldn't it just be okay to wear short sleeves that just shys above the elbow??
(NOT baby-tees aite.They're 'like' economical challenged short sleeves) If your saying it reveals-go do a private sessions for girls sport activities!!! i know its not an xcuse but hell yeah we're not comfortable doing sports in long sleeves tees!! Do like a special closed area where the gorls can do sports comfortably!! just to make life look simpler you make it a whooooole lot miserable!!

Seriously close minded people, do you mind thinking before you even think about voicing out?? To make a person realise right or wrong you cant force them- it's through self realisation. And if you get to force them, its like forcing them to pray- praying without knowing why.... Because it's a way of life.. not some technical stuff you can just shove it up somebody's pie hole... -.-

go get some brain... or a wider perspective...

guess that should be enough, nobody really reads my blog anyways... -.-

but those who do, thanx!

I'm not writing to implement anything,its just a thought of mine which i like to share ^.^

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