Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My dad My HERO!!

Today my dad ,maid n i woke up around 4.30am to go to pasar borong!! wuuuhuu.. sweet smell of business and trading!! seriously it's fun n tiresome. we came back home around 5.30am with d trunk loaded with-4kg of prawn,3kg shrimps,20kg squids,2 terubok,20kg of cencaru and 20kg of another fish which i cant recall now... Haha.. imagine to carry those stuff 2 kitchen,clean them, and packed them and do the storage... damn... penaaat... den masak lagi... den go check out catering site... fuuuh!.. all 4 our beloved Naluri Cafe!!!

by that time i knocked out n doze off in the guestroom to my bear-i love u bear! slept 10-3... fuuh kinda relief... but still tired maybe cos slept only for an hour that nite. However my dad is still up and working!! OMG i dont know hoe he does it.... almost everyday.... he's a great dad not to mention how he coped taking care of my brother n i when our mum left us- we were still small rebelious i guess(still are,my bro even ran away... hoho.. how cool is that)

today liya sked me whether or not i am inrested for a part time job @ ahotel for rm5 per hour... damn i'd take it but have 2 consult my dad, d cafe ain't in the best of shape with a handfull of hopelesss workers... huuuu.. my dad's too old 4 all diz... but it's his passion n he's not stopping...UNTILL i grad... till then works DaMn hard 4 d cafe...! n the family!!

I love you dad.. of all d people who come n go n even those who stayed... you showed the greatest one will ever have,you may not know dis dad.. but respect in so many levels... take care!!!

Haha.. wow an entree bout my family life... dis blog wasn't ment 4 it... hrmm... if any of the readers disagree of me posting personal entrees in this Thoughts= Buah Fikiran, say 'I'

readers,luv ya! bnot as much i love my dad! ^.^

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