Sunday, June 28, 2009

i find it so weird how some people can learn to hate certain sumthing that is actually undefine, and somehow it's not fair to be hated the way they hate.

for instance how some people hate KL people... saying we're all budak bandar, no cultures, always chasing money, no identity and and only so much much more. It's not fair to judge us that way... some are probably that way, even so, it is only partly true... we may chase worldly affairs so enthusiastically but it doesn't mean we forget our unearthly affairs. you say we run here and there, just wastin time and tire ourselves... i dont know others but for me, why do rush? coz i've got peopleputting high hopes on me and that means so much to me... really! So who else says we have no passion in our lives... ur cup of tea might be being by the seaside, watching the sun rise... mine is watching how people have to wake up early in the morning, already thinkin of what to do the rest of the day... rushing for the Monorels,Putras n LRT(s) being next to a person u know nothing off but still have a talk even though chances are u wont be seein em ever again. it's a whole same process most days but a whole different rotation for the central of the mechanism.. ;)

So, we all have our own cup of tea.... to share be tolarable-people...

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