Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lettin Go

In each of our life.. evrything come n goes... some even leave before we could even have grasp of it.. some leave us with sweet memories.. some,bitter ones...

and so, when they do leave. are we ready to let go?? As for me,when i was a kid i used to drag my optimus prime everywhere i go. Literally. It's weird when i think about it, cos i actually where dresses and skirts back then. But hey! who rocks harder than the li'l girl who has optimus prime covering her back. haha.. well anyways, i grew attached to it, but then i still had to let it go. my parents probably hide it; i don't know. however so, I learned to let it go,figured out didn't need optimus prime covering me or to help me carry my bag of stolen cookies. :D

Still what ever it is its still hard,mane tak, it wuz apart of me... Letin go has only so any reason.. out of love, out of hatred, out of giving up and so much more. But wut ever the reason is.. it still results to one: u learn sumthin new, be it good or bad...

So let go, God has plans.... if it doesn't benefit you just yet you'll get it later... perhaps it benefited somebody else so that someone can benefit you back tomorow or later... :D

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