Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tha Chain Reaction

Ever wondered why some people are so concern with what the government are going with their big projects that will 'benefit' the countrymen?? i just realised why! (or did my Short-term memory loss[STML] kicked in?)

let's start with the basic....mind the enlarged word

first paycheck comes to you... so you spend bla3... including the taxes n such to the government-you know how many type of tax exist aite?? (excuses to get our money i tell ya!)

So the
money which a million of us have to pay to the government will transform into the government money(G.V),used to build n preserve the whats-whats of our country- they say used to the benefit of the people... Somehow these projects usually costs more than what the logic mind would suggest.Argument would be quality over quantity. yeap, so high quality that the buildings are able to demolish itself,without the need of the heavy2 swingin balls n stuff.(Ps: It's alive!!)

okay moving on.. if the public info haven't got to u, most off the G.V goes into some
'poor' guy's pocket- they did say it would help the people.Well they didn't really mention nor specify which group of people will benefit, did they??

So it's the government money...fine.. berhak 2 spend however they 'need' to..

Here's where the twists start..
So the part of the money that was able to survive pockets of cunning 'robinhoods' and be used safely for project... is used to pay the workers. Which is mostly foreigners(ps: yupp Malaysians are quite good in lazy bum-ing)- out goes the money...

2nd twist, those robinhoods 'bless' their money to those who in desprate need of the wealth, for instance the performance car company? or the prestigious designers? perhaps those foreign high quality beauty product? uh-oh and don't forget fine dinning restaurant? Yeah... wutta shock eh?

I n result the
government's money is sent away from our shores... (ps: it's our money too!!). Thus government have less money... in result less money to benefit the people with as time passes by. We don't really complain cos we'd be 'understanding' on how and why the country loses it's money(or the politicians would make up some sad lie that we haven't been wise users)...

as the cycle goes on,our country is sendin out more money than makin them...but..
TAXES will still become government money, and li'l by li'l goes to the robinhoods to throw our money value(wtv idk the term,sowey) off shores like dust bunnies. So the cycle goes on and on... till we eventually run out of money-inflasi!!! unless somebody is able to teach these robinhoods a '101' on using other people's right.

ps:If this is the future... how am i gonna grow up?? :(

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