Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Lazy People

There's recent issues of maids bein abused... Poor them... Well poor them cos they got beaten,and everyone starts sayin this and that,the indonesians get the wrong ideas about us Malaysians. Ok, now how bout those who hire and the maids runaway(probably earnin a livin illegaly). Whose gonna pay for their loss?? They dont think bout that do they. kunun restrict dah. pasnie no more maids be transported here. good job. think we have too much here.

true we Malaysians mostly are lazy, but if we aren't, don't think these people akan dapat kerja senang2... dah makan gaji hormatla skit.. cam selamatkan anjing terkepit lorr ,diorang nie. they take our currency, now demanding so much. Know what? how bout takin it all back...!

Haha.. to us Malaysians, i think its about time that we learn to be on our own. tech nak tunggu orang, tenaga pekerja nak bgantung pada orang. patu duit sume kuar(dahla rasuah xleh nk bendung lgsg) x ke mana Hello banyak je penanam anggur luar sane. we need to change our attitudela... independent people. Dont tel me there are so many illegal-ites and we still haven't realise that our population will soon be gone by minority due to mix marriages, some of us movin out, them taking our land as if it were theirs. I'm not trying to be prejudice or sumthin, but most of them are illegal,yet they have a house here... takin our land without permission.. tahts not fair.. so those in charge?? wassup? thi is sad la. tolonglah, jomtegak kan balek maruah kita...

it is about time for us to grow up n realise that- sometimes to move foward, we need to go through ardship, make mistakes, and learn...

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