Thursday, July 23, 2009

live passing by

watching titanic.... have so many thoughts in my head.... about life,theirs and mine too

what did people in the titanic felt that.. knowing the ship was sinking..... knowing their life depended on lifeboats which obviously isn't enough for everybody... will it be enough for them?

they were all parted..
the ones on shore...
of their beloved friends..
of their family..
of their loved ones...
whom they have the least of chance of meeting them again.

Those of family on board going for lifeboats...
son, daughters... never get to see their father
wives... of their husbands..
fathers and husbands.. sacrifice so loved ones will get to survive..
surrendering their lives...

responsible for the passengers life..
who assured theirs?

those who couldn't make it.. made the best of it...
husband and wives died together..
a mother comforts her children asleep..
musicians played till their last songs..
friends stayed side by side..
Captain went down with his beloved ship..

All and all...
those life that went on.. how was the memories?
those that ended... how was it at the last moment?

and us... are we ready when death come and welcome us...

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