Thursday, July 2, 2009


okay people.. i realise i haven't work or an occupation. But i still have to say something about this topic.

When your working, anywhere. and there will come a time you have to be in charge- you'll be granted both power and resposibility. Be wise in making 'em.

there will be no:
-it was his idea
- i thought...
-i dont know
-why is my fault
-how come he can do that
or anything like that

when you get on top, means you are responsible of the people below... their errors are yours too... because you are in charge of them and you just cant just say they didn't follow your instruction... you should've made sure they do follow your instruction and do it right...
it is only fair that people have given you the trust, you not betray it.

it sickens me when a person is in charge... but they have no concern of proving that they deserve it.. as if their title were born with it. no people , u weren't born to get peoples respect you have to earn them...

so to that certain someone... i'm watching you.... a manager should be managing not making up excuses so you wont be blamed... u cant make everyone happy... to be a leader, u'll be hated a t certain stage but loved always...

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