Tuesday, September 1, 2009

of Independence day of Malaysia

Yesterday was 31st of August, was d independence day for Malaysia.... somehow for it's like a 'Happy Birthday' Malaysia.... despite being such an effin rebel i am suprisingly patriotic... seriously... i despise those people who cant value the meaning of 'Merdeka'. they've been living in Malaysia like how long? but they don't even have d initiative to love the country or care about it. living an easy life, forgeting the hardship of Malaysia's past heroes.

Urgggh.. unappreciative people, do they think everything comes sugar coated like an effin Smarties?? even Smarties have that colourful box which despite being cute- is hard to open...

i also despise those mat rempit, who go on wild nites 'celebrating' merdeka... they deserve a big, lovely smack on d head!

and i am also so-so-so-so saddened by how some people celebrate merdeka, countdown-ing at concerts...(Ouch?! anyone) well not that i'm against concert, but concert during edeka?? how patriotic can that be?? cant they make better things? during Merdeka, the Love for our country should be felt... by each and every heart... not feeling glee, happy and hyper at concert, fueled by singing artists.. i love my 1st semester, they did a screening of Hati Malaya 1957.... which is really cool and heart touching- it actually gave an 'Oh!' rather than 'Feewits..' and concert.

People.. please start celebrating these precious thing in life, love our country,if we don't who does??

Happy Independence Day my dear Malaysia...xoxo...
: i always had a stupid feeling of wanting to hug 'Malaysia' tightly. Haha.. :

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