Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st chapter of my new leaf

All problems left behind as lessons. What used to hurt me, makes me stonger.

So just felt updating for no real reason.

Studies so far have been goin oooookay.. lol.
My sleeps are again not in tune with my biological clock.

Body have been aching so weirdly lately and not the ache like i hurt myself, but the ache of wanting to move around....Seriously i've been xtra hyper active lately jump n run here n there well except in class-i still sleep in them(and i seat front row of every class aite??) So to reduce the ache, been doin set exercises before sleeping. Helps, but i still feel like running all over the place. haha..

Friday, i'll be going up Gunung Jerai along with the commanders of UiTMPP. They say the track willa bout 10km 'vertically'!! Aaaa... fun! Aaaa..pain... hope my stamina has increased since my exercise intensity, not forgeting my knee injury.... more knee guards are in the shopping list.

Guess what? i just spent RM7.50 at Hotel UitmPP for lunch, and dinner RM10 at d hotel again n tomorow again at d hotel for lunch. I do hope helpin these people up with their serving IS the right thing to do... next semester i'll be having my commercial class... so i hope people will give their support. :D

My dessert at lunch. carrot cake! Nyummm...!!

Just done polishing my boots-they're shiny... :D

Izati n auni was too. They said i looked pale! haiyoo.. why like that, not good... Well i've been in shortage of sleeps n perhaps nutrients and also peace of mind. But nothin serious yet... hope nothin serious.Worried cos have not been feeling good lately :)

uh oh. my public speaking presentation next week... will be about the late Yasmin Ahmad!! My idol!!! Yeay... beware open minded haters.. lol.

Aaa... KakIeja just mengigau n shouted at sumthin.. haha.. scared the *tuut* out of me...

That's the only update-pretty useless but hey it is MY blog, so deal with it.

Hope tomorow is a better day than today....

Nites....hopin all the best to all the people (lol)
snapshot of tha day.... my food costing notes... i scribbled all that- at my front seat rows...

Ngaaaa.. aku pakai selendang buat pertama kalinya to dinner.... haha.. shaddup Miera...
not gonna wear it again.. or at least i hope so.

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