Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just perfect

what is perfect to me may not be perfect to you, and vice versa- i always argue with my friends.

So what really is perfection?
they say it is something without flaw..
But then ome argued it is the flaw that makes it perfect..

Now lets start this with an example. lets take food or cooking to be even more precise. one person's 'perfect dish' may differ from another. On one ocassion, dinning in a restaurant i simply adore the Nasi Goreng Cina- was the perfect fried rice to me. BUT my friend however disagreed, her argument; Tade kick ('-.-) and then she added the cili potong(without consulting me...!! o.O), took a spoon of it n went lalalala back to her food. I don't eat spicy food, n she just did a not so much of a favour for me.
Getting back to the topic. I said that it was perfect cause it was not spicy but she called perfect only after adding the cili potong. So who's right and who's wrong??

In short, the term 'PERFECT' just doesn't exist when refered to it's definition(or does it??).
Everybody has their own perspective, taste, preference, idea, and so it continues. Making the 'perfect' factor just imposible, like they say; you can't please everybody :)

Then again, Aren't we all just perfect with our big imperfections???

Tolerating these imperfections of others and ourselfs is the only closest thing you can get to perfect. They maybe harmful or harmless,but celebrating and improvising them is just the right step for any of us.

Accept yourself for who u are and accept others for who they are.... but if it is for the greater good then do what they must. While ur at it, keep in mind, you can't please everybody,plus nobody's realy perfect,so don't be so hard on yourself about achieving perfection. :)

Ps: workin on an artwork, since somebody requested for an artwork post at my other blog; fweaktion :)
To 'somebody': Just b patient, i'm on it n stop 'boo-ing me.. Bwueeekkk.. >:P

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