Wednesday, September 30, 2009

last lunch for semester

Reminder- on 28th- i spent RM7.50 for lunch and another Rm10 for dinner! and today;

29th- i spent anotha Rm10 for lunch

AND i have to say food-wise it was ok, i mean where else will you get to eat westerns within the Rm10 range?? huh? huh?? However, since i went there 3 times continuosly i was hoping foods that are worth to be binged on.. o.O Got buncit tao...? Haiyo... gotta exercise and get myself fit again lorrr.. But still loved it and hope that was my last lunch for the semester. unless somebody decides to treat me for the meal.. :D
so here are the pix from lunch:
the other 2 guests: Amer n Miera..., Amer's fruit platter banyak gile buah, patu x habes... the only food he managed to finish was the soft roll. appertizer pon x abes tao!
My dessert fruit tartlet!! Sedap!! but the sugar crust was pretty hard...
the appertizer...(rasenye dis should've been the first pix..)

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  1. adoi, i menyesal ta follow u lunch. sedap tuh,