Monday, September 28, 2009

still bummed

Wow. Can't believe it i'm still bummed and wondering about being stood up. I've always try to never cancel plans last minutes on people in hopes people wont do that to me. However, karma doesn't always come up the way u hope it would be...

I'm still wondering why i'm still effin bummed.... It was just meet up game, i actually had other purposes too??

Could it be, n i'm just guessin... coz he didn't tel me he was gonna stood me up >,< (uuuu.. dramatic red.. ~.~). Okay i know not everybody is a friggin gentleman n goes 'I'm sorry my lady, i cannot meet you on; etc.' But he could at least, at least say; i've got things to do n the meet up is canceled, OR simply 'I cant make it lah'.

n the punchline IS- no words 'till now. Huuuhh..

Bad part is... i still feel ignorant about it all. My ego feeds me; he's just that dude who pranked you but then the other part says; hey he probably has his own reason, so forgive n forget. I'm still between the lines here and dont feel like makin up my mind... so I (idiotically)will wait from the dude himself. Till then, what's in the past,let it pass. ^.^

Uuuuhh.. yeah gonna get ready for accounts(i still have no friggin idea on the subject HELP!) AFTERa few minutes on9-ing :D -hey i've ironed my baju kurung n tudunglah!

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