Monday, September 7, 2009

those little wonders.

Today's a holiday.. yeay!! woke up at 10... charged my beloved lappy and went online as usual. Saw dis bunch of ants.. trying to carry breadcrumbs.. i personally think they were too much of ants to carry the breadcrumb, but hey-i'm not an ant so who am i to say so. and so all of em were trying to contribute to carry it.. at that 5minute spent staring at them.. a lot went trough my thoughts.

The ants were so 'xcited' to contribute to their colony by being the ones to carry the breadcrumbs back. Us humans however find it really hard to contribute to anyone else but us, heck some even find it hard to contribute to themself too. so yeah, we got the li'l thing called mind, but why do we act as if it has no function???
-We make others fall so that nobody can be better than us instead of improving together.
-We indulge our self in lust just because we feel so, without consulting which is wrong or right.
-We hate because we can and yet we forget how important love should be spread and felt.

Should you say i am being bitter myself, then perhaps so, but probably because i know and feel its wrong how humans are today. we forget the little magic that actually cause big things to happen.Like how 'gotong-royong can make a place clean, and that the people feel responsible for it's well being?; see the sentimental-ness i'm trying to deliver here?? we forget all these. I always love to see when a person is in need and out of nowhere a person comes to help that person out. or how a friend of mix culture,mix religion, mix race go out to have a great time...

I wonder what happened to the togetherness of us people? why should prejudice be in our way? why do we tolerate wrongs just so it could be accepted as right???(anyone know what i'm trying to say here)e.g.: drinking is accepted as a social activity. (get it??)

At this point i wonder, how do our mind work?? does it deceives itself so that it accepts whatever the lust craves for?? or is that we who deny the brains logical reasoning from reasoning us out from something that is just not right...

okay, will take my shower now.. :D


  1. Hi,it's a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  2. Hei3. Nice post. I do like Ants. They`re adorable.

  3. i gune laptop kwn i la khai...
    but using my broadband..
    tu yg dapt read ur blog even my lappy rosak