Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comander's Dinner, jun-nov'09

Smalam,2009/10/17; 2230h was the UiTM pulau pinang commander's dinner for this jun-nov '09 session... dedicated to part 6 commanders.. :)

it was a bit haywire, chaotic but no life was lost .. so.. ok la kan?? :P
Exhange gift; i got from Faizal, a wind chime... sweet!! and i had to give to Najib (En. Na) gave a handy greenbag or in a dramtic way 'save the world' bag (like the bag's function is t0 save d world lol)
food was nice.. nyuuum...! been a while since i got real food... >,<
there were a lot of leftover- are you guys dieting or sumthin??
i on d other hand, consumed; a serving of mushroom soup, 2 serving of maincourse and 5 serving of pudding(dessert)... now i feel guilty... >,<>

here are the pictures..

Back stage progress!! Opie was givin his all... funny MC!!

The project manager... in reality,the lens cant be turn manually.. -.-

The pudding jelly i love so much!!! 1 of 4 types!!

results of gift exchange..

Batch10; kami yg cumil lagi macho

Ps: i think i left my make up bag @ d hotel.... o.O

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