Saturday, October 10, 2009

dark prince

on the darkest night
a prince appear

gave his hand to you
as so you grasp it for help

he runs you through the mines
he helps you through the darkness

as the path approaches light
you start to feel he wasn't a prince at all
he starts to change your perspectif

your heart would say no-no
you mind says 'i told you so'

ur hands slips

desprate to grasp for something
you look back
he stood there standing

that's that

you are in your light
he's in his darkness

that was just it was all about

he was just the prince of darkness
to give you hope at your darkest moment

you can only find him in the dark
because he has to hide behind that darkness

now in light
choose to hope and wait
or pull him through
or look for your own prince- 'my prince'

- In search of my prince to be. ^.^ -

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