Sunday, October 25, 2009


i actually typed an entree for this, a 4 paragraph entree... BUT due to error to internet connection here in my hostel , it all ended as craps. Aaaaa.. (monotonous)

anyways, i was gonna answer d controversy of my Mr. Geetz...

Geetz is NOT..
-my bf
-my new fren
-my my hand (???)

Mr. Geetz is my guitar!! uhuh.. my G.U.I.T.A.R. lol.... yeah, i named him! hey i was 12 n madly in love.... haha...
I've abadoned him for like 2.5yrs, alone in his bag... now my fingers coordinations are rusted...serves me right.. >,<
now i'm studying everything back, from scratch-good thing i still remeber notes.. :)

Ps(AGAIN): I'm lovin my new pair of martial art pants... they're spacious!! splits everywhere n anywhere with no woories of torn a t the tuuut... :P

HaVe A NiCe DaY (AgAiN!)

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