Thursday, October 29, 2009

randomly hyper

Lately i've started a new hobby. being hyper and randomly active... muhahahaha...... and i'm closing in to my finals- great time to pick a new hobby (Not!)- After d hobby i'll be sleeping like a log. I even had to solat 'Subuh Gajah' today since i couldn't hear KakRos's alarm. However this new hobby does help me to get my stamina back on track (sadly not my academics)... Haha... Seriously. I'm determined to get fit by next semester, i wanna be part of the taekwando demonstration...! Wanna do cool moves so that more people are interested in to get in the club. Yosh! chaiyok2! ganbate2! Khai!
However going to taekwando practices as d only girl... just makes one to feel out of place... so pleasee girls come down n play?? haishh...

On the 18th Nov there is an event- MASUM, will be having selection in d near future,BUT (yes a big one) i cant make a go since a got a course MASKUM at Kedah 16th-19th Nov.

Then ive also been successfully selected as a facilitator during the next semester's MMS... have to come 2 weeks earlier... huhu...

in total: 18 days of holiday- BURNED....

Status: Lolipop lovin!! :)

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