Friday, November 6, 2009


I think we people well mostly, have a wee bit difficulty in accepting criticism or maybe even when it comes to rejecting 'em. Okay- I lied, we have a big problem when it comes to handling criticism about ourselves or anything that is related, refer and concern of ourselves. Don't deny it, you know you go 'no, your wrong' when people say- "Dude, that you're wrong". Especially harsher ones- ones filled with emotions; mostly hatred and jealousy.

Yeah people with harsh comment sucks, but form time to time these jerks do have a point don't ya think? Take a moment to think about it, i mean, do we have to go Emo Vigilante-s and let ourselves succumb into their irrational emo comments?? Never- ever let your emotional get the best of you, don't let them get the best of you.

We, yes including me, I am not that blind to not realise that i have a pretty hard time in accepting people's idea and comments especially when it's not presented in my way of understanding- what else if it conflicts with mine. have to start learning to accept criticism, wether it is 'served' in our way or not, especially when it is the truth, cause believe me the truth will benefit you, and make you to build yourself up to be a much-much better person.. The critics- they might come suddenly and hit you on the head or slowly n surely to you, but one thing for sure, it will come and we have to deal with it the right way. What's the right way? That, I cannot answer as it is different according to individuals.

So let's get our self respect by accepting that we humans do, do errors and best to learn from it no matter how it is "served'"....
NoteToSelf: Sleeplah!
NoteToLolipop: Tido also lah...

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