Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Gender Factor

Wuhuuu... i like the title. Ever realise how when your working in a group, be it at skool, college and most definitely obvious in office it's kinda easier to work with the opposite gender?? Emphasizing doin works and errands here, not hang out.

It's like an unspoken rule or a must-situation where if you have a co-worker who's the same gender as you, you'll most likely gonna face a lot more bad conditions and misunderstanding upon completing the task. It's like there's a competition going on (illegal much?? lol), a bad one... An example, at my dad's cafe when girl-A asks girl-B to do something, (both are new) B goes to do it- with a sour face... i mean come on!! Die mintak tolong je koooot??? Hello.. it's not like she demanded you to do so, she said the magic word- tolong n terima kaseh- the 2nd magic word. Where else, when a guy asks her she does it so jolly-ly, tetibe cam happy je wat keje orang lain. ... Oh, c'mon...

Okay arguement here.. is- does this happen because of the gender?? Because of the sexuality attraction between the genders....?? Muhaha... maybe we all have this 'gatal-ship' in all of us?
Or maybe because of the attention we seek- unintentionally. I mean we wouldn't seek attention from the same gender? It's so wrong that way.... Well unless that's the boss we're talking about... :P

Or is it that she felt threathened when A asked her to do the job and she felt as if she's some errand girl. Takkan sampai tahap camtu kot??? Right??

This goes the same as for the guys, their situation is funnier cos they do show a bit of gatal-ship... Hehe... :P

So weird how this simple factor affects a whole lot of things around us, It's true, this 'gender bias' happenings- happen a lot, even in terms of making choices in buying groceries, car or even maybe the way you act.. Yeah, like suddenly ur bestie- who's a girl yg ganaz, suddenly goes 'lady' mode when a random hot dude is around... haha... been there, n kinda done that?? Hahahaaa.... Dude I'm an attention seeker, however it never works as everybody knows im not ready to be a lady yet.

But i like to watch when the jejaka2 yang tgh ktawa2 sakai2 n psycho2 a.k.a. my friends tetibe bile nampak ade wanita yang santek lalu, mereka digivolve jadi jejaka2 kunun macho.... Aaaaahahaha.. poser!!! Entertaintment dan pada ketika itu juga saya x tahu nak beraksi takkan nk macho skali kot?? lol.

My arguement n theory here is restricted to norm workers, if the people we're going to discuss are those people who are high achiever profesionals- then its a whole different case, as they compete for sumthing else, they have a completely different mindset, they're trained to be so. They've mutated...Haha.. okay-okay maybe not mutated but evolutionized.. happy??

Well that's about it about what goes in my head since yesterday. And the moment you guys and gals been waitin foooor...

Pix of the day;

This one is sticker supposedly for a supposedly good fren named Raje... :) Happy birthday dear...

NoteToSelf: Catch on some sleep shall we??
NoteToLolipop: Wake up la...! Asyik u je tido, ini tidak adil! Go eat vegies or sumthin..

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