Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mamak Rumours

Ever wondered why all those kedai mamak senantiasa full?? and they never close business(except when the majlis give them the warn)?? Kalu kedai biase bukak pun mesti ade bukak tutop, tapi mamak, it's like once they're there.... they'll be there forever n ever o.O

It's so damn bizzare, like how'd they build the pyramid, only that how'd they build the business and last just as long as the pyramid?? I'm serious... somethings up people.... and i think- most of them workers aren't even citizen, means people dont come there to support a bestie's business... dum dum duummm...

I've heard rumors... n I bet you've heard some of them yourself too...

They put in suspenders in the dhal gravy; My uncle once was eating at a kedai mamak. n somehow that fav kedai mamak of his , service lambat dr biasa... so being a regular customer n unhappy got up and went to the area yg masak kuah dhal tu... Then, cam how we all do.. kacau2 and then baru scoop up... he got a surprise free gift with it; a pair of suspenders.... lalala.... and he left....

The roti canai are their hasil titik peluh- literally of course; heard a rumour that the a kdai mamak memang permintaan roti canai sgt tinggi. and the process is that it should be kneaded a day before it can be used. So to cope up with quantity and the pra syarat of a good roti canai... they uh knead with their legs more precise: feet and toes and uh they would probably sweat a hell lot in both process of knead and cook of the roti canai don't you think???

If ur sleepy after eating the food when u've left the kedai mamak.. chances are.. u've been "manderum".. >,<

Their wives are temptress; A friend had a friend whom used to work with the mamak. He noticed that when they use air... they kept using this specific water from this specific bekas, tak penah air lain. Upon solving the mystery... he found out that water in the specific bekas is the air mandian of the owners wife.... Ahahaha..... mouth watering enough 4 ya???

Welll.. thats the only rumour i've heard... tel me urs too!! wanna hear 'em...
Remember, these are totally rumours.... They might not be true.. or maybe they are true...

NoteToLolipop: Thank god you found ur phone, lau x i'll be as worried as a sick hamster
NoteToSelf:lucky thing i dont hand at mamak much
NoteToYouGuys: when's your next trip to your favourite kedai mamak???

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