Friday, November 20, 2009


So on 16th everybody is practically heading back home from campus... bunches of commander people- includin me, decided to extend the isolation from family and cosy beds of our own home... and head for a kursus bencana alam under Majlis Sukarelawan Universiti Malaysia(MASKUM) 16-19th Nov.

Roughly, we weren't allowed to bathe or brush our teeth for the whole 4 days.... Imagine all the taik gigi...!!! Aaaa... tambah lak makan lak full course meal... very hygenic... Aside all our bathing stuff-even deodourants and bedak(but some manage to seludup :P), all handphones we're taken too... hoho...

We were waken aup aroun 2s or 3s in the morning...
  1. do push up... roll in mud... and stand in freezing cold... scolded... sent back and called back... sent back
  2. left alone about 2 hours at some secluded area of campsite.. leaving us with our imagination and after effects about the warning of 'bola-bola api'

the last nite... we were left alone after filling our tummies with junkies.... buffet.. puas ati.... we ate rusa panggang and kijang(dont remember the dish). Tuan Zainal gave me a big piece of the rusa... I was suppose to chew off the daging of the bone... tapi cam macho sangat lak la kang kalau dperlakukan sebegitu kan??

Oh, not forgeting that the tent we brought was not waterproof so cam dah jadi tempat takungan air in the tent when it rains and it rains everyday.... All, i reapeat ALL our stuff got wet n really, really, really stinky..... on our 1st attempt of saving the camp, we used another camp to cover up our camp... haha.. creative nak mampos... -.- Thus granted the name 'Cendawan Busuk' to the tent and ourselves.

But overall it is a memory never to be forgoten. Thanx those yang terlibat, you guys rock!! .... I dont mind going for it again- prepared lah.. :P So selamat berjumpa lagi...

Think that's about it.... there are more.. but I don't think it would be as cool as me story telling to you with all the body language and gesture and hand movement and all... hahaha.... Daaa.. have nice day....

Credits to

  • Tuan Amirul
  • Tuan Zainal
  • Tuan Ridduan
  • En. Zulhusni
  • Abg Helmi??- Aeddy Bear yang tolong us dengan khemah yg patah... Thanx Lotsaaa...
  • JPAM
  • and all the staff2 n pegawai2 there

NoteToLolipop: Shika bin Mohd. Faiz???

NoteToK.Syikin,Pen,K.Mas: Maaf ta dapat cuci khemah bersama, hope the KFC itu mencukupi.. :D

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