Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Academic Confession

Thursday is my accounts final exam paper..o.O
Yet, I have NO idea about this subject. For some reason when the word 'account' comes into my head.. it goes '...'
Why oh WHY....?? o.O

Perhaps its payback due to sleeping in his class or not giving enough effort and still able to survive the on going assesment(i know, my classmates hate me too).... I repeat I have NO idea of this course and yet,here i am typing a blog.
This is wrong.... i'm suppose to like be scared, pulling my eyeballs out of em sockets and replace them with mini scanners or sumthin. Why am i not freaking out??

Mooooving on, as the title says, here's a li'l 'academic confession of mine';
  • I've never realy studied during non-exams periods, just page flippings and go uuu...! & aaah..!! on side info
  • I can never have a solid studying period
  • Homeworks are like those rare occasion when i have nothing else to do
  • Last minute studies are addictive
  • I only want good results 'cause my ego won't let me be stupid. lol.
  • I love going to class but not exams-I'm serious.
  • I study with cartoons lurking in my mind

Guess that's just about it... pretty twisted don't you think...?

NoteToSelf: Study la wahai wanita...
NoteToLolipop: Damn, I respect n adore you,n definitely miss you :)

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