Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An ouch-y mornin

Woke dis mornin, get down from my bunker... lalala... jump-jump...and stood front of the mirror... sumthin was wrooooong... except for the 'good morning' hair and eyes....

Ater few minutes of 'gazing' at myself, it hitme... i've been butt kissed by Mr.Charlie...!! on me left eyelid... luckily it's not so obvious... klao x, dah macam org tutup mata je bab mata dah naturally sepet.

Not so obvious huh... lucky me it as just a peck, not a french...haha

By the way, i'm sorry to the person who had to put out my laundry from d washing machine, n am sorry as you had 2 witness a whole bunch of colourfull undergarments..., maaf, ta dengar bunyi alarm :(
*They(the laundry,not you)smell both floral-fruity now..... :D

NoteToSelf: Am vain for posting a close up of myself-yuckk.
NoteToLolipop: Go-go study.
NoteToSelfAgain:i really need to follow lolipop's footsteps,x stat lagi study nye nih...>,<


  1. Looks like no damage is done.
    Ur eyes looks just fine.

    Btw, Gudlak 4 ur xm!


  2. notice d red-ish eyelid?? it's actually swollen... huhu...

    uh-oh.. thanx2.. :D
    n gud luck 2 wutever u do too... :P