Monday, November 2, 2009

People- pt1

I've been on earth for 19years, 5months and 4 days..... and within this period of life i've met quite a bunch of interesting people... and for the first time I'm not sarcastic in using the word 'interesting'. Hence tonite i feel like listing some of them with their description too!!

  1. The good but peverted friend
    Conversations would go; "Uhh.. Khai agak2 awek tu cup B ke C?" or "Ko tau x smalam aku *tooot* ngan si *teeeeeet* tapi *tuuuut* die 5osen je, kecewa sioot" (yuppp he is my friend) and at times of importance, " hah? ok2, japgi aku datang"- n i mean anytime and anywhere :)

  2. The freaky (like me) friend
    In class= Zzzzz.... or *scribble scribble.. draw draw draw and sometimes but rarely- he/she pays attention in class. Also out of this world and bizarre statements: Don't you sometime feel like you just don't exist even when you're surrounded by your friends??

  3. The not so much of a friend- friend
    this person would suddenly come to you, as if you've been hangin out forever and starts with: "Eh, how to do this huh?" "Can you teman me?" and my favourite ~.~"Come n joinla". Just when you start to feel as if they're your friend, you turn your head and Poof!! Nobody's there few minutes later you see em but that person looks at you as if you're so0me person he/she met briefly and conviniently at some sidewalk near Tesco sidewalk (why Tesco?? idk why!)

  4. The OMG! can't believe this kind of people exist
    everytime you meet, it's like you guys are best friends- cos thats how it just feels(weird??) and like moments of desperation suddenly he/she seems to be the only person you can rely on (why? realy realy IDK) sedangkan you guys sangat238x rarely communicate.. o.O

  5. The why do they exist- people
    you dislike them but not hate. just that there's sumthin about d person that makes you wanna fill em in a punching bag n do the sparring routine you picked up last nite on youtube. and yet,no you still don't hate them... /:)

  6. The you just can't get them people
    you'll try to understand why they act such a way, but it never does make sense, its as if they're in their own world. When they do make sense it's like wth??? Aaaaa....Dunia nak akhirat dah...

  7. The POSERS- people
    i know as much as you know, as much as they don't know that they are living a LIE.... 1 minute they say that's wrong, suddenly the next time you meet them they're doing the 'that's wrong' thing they pointed out at you. At that moment you'll even doubt yourself-perhaps you need better glasses?? But you just know that's the person posing their different 'stances' everywhere and anywhere, thinking the world has no eyes to know bout the lies.. :P

Too be continued...

NoteToSelf: Study

NoteToLolipop: I think I miss you


  1. you think? clear up your mind dear. haha. i thin im number5

  2. oh oh.

    xde ke yg jenis cm baik gle ke pe?
    aku dlm list tu.

    nk makan.tata!