Sunday, November 8, 2009


I just found out my fren whom i take as a younger bro has got a smile back onto his lips. He used to be all emo, d world can kill me n bla bla bla.... Annoying!! But knew he'd grow up, n he has.Yeay! Probably cos he has a gal by his side.. But still... so happy to see him smile again.... Hope he still goes to taekwando training coz my guts tells me otherwise.... People who slack and lack of his own passion stinks...!

Been a while since i last feel happy n relief like this... :)
Good job li'l bro!

Huuh... been livin as the eldest all my life- even when i actually have an older brother... Buuuut... u know.. things happen.. and now... I'm playing d role of eldest and like the harapan to take over d cafe.... haishhh... I'm honoured really.... But at times i just need a shoulder to cry on- aside of my bears, 2 pair of ear that'll listen to me, a guide to guide me through this not so kind n pretty glitter world.. :)

But as far as I'm concern now, life goes on...!! Go-go..!

I think I've been posting a wee bit too many post lately.. :D Maaf yah....

NoteToSelf: Control urself dear

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