Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yeay..!! Hooray!! yeah... I succeed in surviving the HTH280-accounts paper!!! Muhaha.. omg... Feel like crying :D oooh...dramatik-nye ko Khai.

Then finished the paper... wanted to go out and enjoy... in the end nobody's free... haha.. damn pathetic-nye aku.... I need to get a life.... So end up watching with my kakak roomate the final episode oh Hana yuri dango~Did i spell that right? I'm not sure.. forgive me if it's wrong. alah macamla xle adit exok2 lusa2 mggu dpan2 tahun depan2 abad depan2..Saje nk bagi entree nmpak panjang.. lol

Now... bohsan, tahap gaban... nk rayau2.... Actually wanted to celebrate a friend's B'day today, kunun nk suprise, invite for lunch, buy him cake n bla2..So~called him up... but he was too sleepy to comply.. Huhu.. the pain of rejection.. :) lol

Oh did I mention, my lappy cant b seperated from d adaptor. The 'cucuk2' thing which connects d lappy n adapter is stuck in my lappy..Huhu.. cannot pull out... so worried.. n if wiggled, sparks come out... o.O Aaaaa.... Worried.. huhu.... my baby... >,<

NoteToSelf: So badly wanna play Mr.Geetz but, kakak is studying, sabar ye..
NoteToLolipop: Wake upla n reply my text message, Lao xnak gune den just pass ur phone 2 sumone else.. bwueeekkk. >,<

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