Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why am I in your friend's list, and why are you in mine??

Aaaaa... Huuuu.. It's raining heavily outside, so no jogging today... Instead, my fingers will jog this evening... :D

I just got added on facebook last nite, cos she thought I was her friend... Hoho....

That makes me wonder.... what are reasons that people add other people on social webs.. and here's the list of probably why I end up at your friends list, you end up at mine and we end up others ....

-Already knew each each other..

-It's a friend's friend

-Uuuu... 'Hey good lookin...'

-Looks cool , nak jadi kawan arr..

-Macam penah nmpak, let's see..

-He looks exactly like my friend....! (only 1 person so far)

-My friend's younger sister's aunt's nephew's cousin... o.O

-I wonder what does this button do... *Add*

-A: OMG! It's my crush's profile! What should i do? What should i do?
B: *slaps* *clicks 'add'*

-Eh! Cikgu la!! Add! Add...!

-Hey it's the 'hot stuff'.. Add, double add(yeah made that up)....

-Lalala... I'm bored- let's add some random people...

That's about it i guess... others are just pretty twisted and doesn't make sense....
I'm suppose to be studying.. but huuu.... If my dad knew that his only daughter is being such an ignorant son, what would he say.... Sorry ayah...

Picture/artwork of the day:

d last one, it says: Status: Brain-Asleep

NoteToYou: Gimme a teddy that hugs plissss....

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