Monday, January 25, 2010

the rise after the bitch slap...

After messing up as the S.O.D last monday, I made it up for being the Chef of The Day (C.O.D) for the kitchen prctical class today.. yeay!!!

Appetizer: Bacon wrapped shrimp with pineapple
Soup: Cream of carrot
Main course: parmesan crumbed chicken with mushroom sauce OR pan seared seabass with salsa sauce
Starch: garlic parsley potato/ cheese risotto
Vege: pumpkin, celery & capsicum

It went smooth, the customer gave good comments- sedap, ok, 4.49 ot of 5.... n the usual too salty or not salty enough...... Overall I wuz a good chef of the day and better in choosing the menu(ikot nafsu bai) Hahaha.... yela, jangan nak masak tapi sendiri cam tade nafsu nk makan duuh?? However the vegetable, almost everyone disagreed about it's tastiness. reality-nye tak adventurous :P cos they didn't even try lorrrr....

Tapi memang puas hati that i made it up.... Hehe.. thanx classies for your support....

Will upload the pictures A.S.A.P. Don't worry.

NoteToSelf: A pat on your head for the good job.... :D
NoteToYou: Nak recipe?? tanyela... Nak me cook for you? No probs, come over to my house with the ingredients, and i'll cook 4 u , F.O.C. no charge babeyh.... ;)

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