Thursday, January 21, 2010

when u crave for smarties and get a bitch slap instead

Ever felt that you're so low, so low that you just wanna taste the dirt?? That's almost what I felt last monday nite..... The dining room was in pure HAVOC, from the orders, servers, serving and so on.... And so, I learnt I SUCK a lot upon being a 'supervisor Of The Day' (S.O.D) lack of organization, lack of communication, lack of mental awareness, lack of guts, lack of planning, basically everything... what a supervisor should have. Haha.. damn i lack lotsa babyh..

Best thing is.. i was soooooooo looking foward to be the S.O.D. I was;

But 'that' happened.. Hehehe....

Well ,lots n lots of rooms 4 improvement babeyh... :D

Go go go....!!!

NoteToMe: pegi bwat standardized recipe la you clever li'l thang...
NoteToYouGuys: Do you get what's up with the title??

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