Tuesday, January 12, 2010

yes i'm offended

I've always been annoyed by how some people take everything as a humour or just not seriously. It's repulsive. You can joke around but... notabout everything. Certain things are just too serious or sensitive to make LAME jokes about it. Not only it makes you look like an ignorant fool, it also at times offends the other side-the serious person. like today:-

We were studying economics, on subtopic of relationship price and production; when price rises so will production/quantity of it, vice versa.
me: But then wont it reach to a certain level where there is too much of it, and the prices will drop?
-i was talking a neighbour. When
C: Biarla dia!!
- in a really lame yet rude jokingly way.

For some reason i just kept silent,ignored her and looked back to the LCD screen... I was confused between emotions of; insulted, pissed, null, pity most probably felt DISRESPECTED.

Sooo.... in short though you're spontenous or repulsive, make sure you're relevant 'up there'... pfft...

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