Saturday, February 13, 2010

bite me

life is so friggin sad and misereable if you generalise everything. cos generally ...:
  • humans hate each other
  • animals fear human for their inhuman actions o.O
  • nobody cares about anyone's existence what else you
  • no matter how meaningful you meet ,your gonna move apart
  • everybody is a hypocryte
  • all single people feel like a flirt
  • lotsa people have abad and sad day everyday
  • people always feel out of love
  • people cry
  • humankind is 'trying their best' to destroy mother nature
  • everybody's getting closer to their grave
  • very little people know that things on earth is only a spec of the nastiness from ones in the afterworld
  • hatred is more favoured than love
  • families drift away

conclusion: GENERALLY: Life is screwed up if you can't get a wider perspective of life and change for the better of things

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