Friday, April 30, 2010

da besar da tapi x reti nak matang....

I find it pretty annoying of how certain people have gone past their childhood and now in their adolescent age group but cant seem to accept that they have to grow up- be mature, be logical, be practical, be relevant and just be somebody who has learnt through his/her years of learning to be a person.

Isn't it only right to learn? Accept to be, to embrace who you are. Is it not in the human nature to be truthful to him/herself??

How does one categories him/her self good enough and starts not to listen to others- with his/her mind thinking that he (lets just start using he,him,his n so on to keep it simple ;P) shall not listen to what others have to say or advice because people around him does not know any better. Ignorant and arrogant shall i say? Maybe ego?~ I have that :D

But ego is not or perhaps should not be an on going thing, it should have a trigger cause a person should not indulge himself with ego cause- again that is called ignorant and no to mention selfish. Sick? ahah okay overreacting kot??

Aaaaanyway.... back to the main point people who refuse to grow up-do they think they're in neverland?? C'mon, even Peterpan knows when you grow-up, you actually do grow-up.

You can still have childishness in you, cause I of all people knows that childishness does not die with age- it just prefers to let the maturity to do the dirty work (naughty childishness) And that leads to a saying; never let a kid do a man's job. You can't always be so effin childish, you can't believe that the world should/must always work your way, you can't have the faith that you are everything that matters...

You have to grow up dear, or at least realise that you don't live alone, neither do you live in a world where everybody is soooo damn considerate up to a level where thay'd sacrifice their sanity and self relevant to feed your immature self?

Note: I think i get annoyed with a lot of things, too much of things maybe....
NoteToSelf:You should take it to yourself too sometimes :D also i should learn to learn being considerate to inconsiderate humanbeings. Then again, should I?? :D

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