Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goody goodie two shoes...

I realy really hate people who;
  • have 2 faces
  • talks but cant walk the walk
  • too much of an apple polisher
  • suck up
  • cant have a stand bout own's life
  • have far tooooo many buts in life
  • talks one thing and goes back to his/her words just to look good in front of others
  • Acts up to look good

These people irritate me with their bare ignorance and existence... Its as if their god given brain stopped functioning.... its such an irritating thing that you find in human. Somehow some of these people do end up on top because they're good at sucking up. Its sick so damn sickening.... what's even worse is that when people try to advice them.... they act as if they care but actually they're convincing theselve that wut they did was d right thing and the people who's advicing them knows not about them.... As if its the whole world's fault for his/her mistakes, when thay can't even look people in the eyes and be honest about themselves.

So what's thay're answer???

stop acting, open your mask.... reveal your lies... and take the punishment as what you deserve.....

NoteToMe: I gotta stop hating people for being ignorant cos it seems as a human nature at some point

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