Thursday, April 29, 2010

Public display of affection

I hate public display of affection, i repeat i HATE public display of affections....

no, realy i do

i believe affections or lovey-dovey-ness between lovers, any lovers, be it;
  • bf n gf
  • scandals
  • fiancee
  • husband n wife

Should keep their affections and romance betweeen themselves. Seriously, they should.

The whole world does not want to know what you wanna say to your partner or even how you talk with him/her...

We actually can go on with our lives without knowing it, heck we could've been better off without those pieces of information...

Sorry friends and family but it realy is disturbing and repulsive reading and hearing how lovey dovey you guys communicate- no we don't enjoy you guys calling each other love nicks' in front of us its just so freaking WRONG....

I don't mind you tell your love story, but don't be displaying it directly in social networking net or when you're with your friends

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