Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tiny mushroooms on my body

A few saturdays ago, my dad came to Penang. Picked me up from Kolej Baiduri and we went to the 'Pulau' for a sleepover.

Upon going shopping, we went into guardian. Went to the pharmacy counter- where u buy over d counter medz.
I have dis problem where after sports i would go n take my shower without waiting for my body to fully cool down
So leading to panau spots all over my body n arms.. weirdly, not my face.. hmmm... Conversation goes;

Auntie pharmacy(A.P): yes how can i hel p you
Me:uhh... do you like a treatment for panau, its like at my body
A.P: ooh fungus problem... Have, a second please.
Me: *monologue: woot fungus*
and the conversation goes on n on and unsignificant.

Once we stepped out.. another conversation starts;
Me: Ayah panau tu fungus eh?
Ayah: Yelah. Like mushrooms.
Me: Hah?? So I have like millions of tiny mushrooms growing all over my arms and body???
Ayah: *ignores*

Conlusion: Beware I'm the mushroom lady...(x lady sangatlaa..)

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