Friday, May 7, 2010

the another overnite update

Everybody's withe the happy meal zebra.....

At d Highway Cafe- x jadi makan kat auto-city.. x ckup bajet n also because some of we got perut melayu~kene ade nasik2. As if we haven't had enuff cholestrol.... :D

Auni d entrance.... woot2...

Zati before we ended our shop sighting..

If you're good with your eyes- you'll notice that its a picture of a bunch of Englishmen cycling.... So COOOL.... haha... They said selamat pagi to us... n we said good morning!!

These are the 2 cycling dudes who chased us... Haha... sorry shaky-flash would blind them ya know??

This is Pantai Bersih i think, the before
at this point, the cycling guys went ahead n said g'bye n we waved...
the toll pantai... lotsa crows for a 'Bersih' pantai :P

Had B'fast!! McD- nyummy2.. me n Auni did not buy any so pau orang punye hee... thanx to those who contributed to feed our hungerr...
Me n Auni tried doing cartwheel there- wooooo weee... :D

We we're suppose to watch sunrise at the beach, but then bru sedar pantai tu is for sunset...o.O So that's the closest sunrise we got...

Dah pun sampai campus.... these are the poses of:
auni n i's shades....
Izzati n i's Superman tees!
It's not a couple tee! It's a bestie tees!!
We're not gay by sex preference, only by character!!!

NoteToYou: I was fucking depressed after the outing cause I was so damn worried of the accounting paper... still am... i foresee repeating the paper:P

NoteToSelf: Hate to tell you i told you so, but I told you sooooo... Hahaha.... :D


  1. the best early morning memories i've ever hd.. thx so much to evrybdy ;p

  2. happy je.
    wish i was there too.

  3. lepas abes exam ke korg pg pantai bersih.bukan nk ajak!

  4. dida: we wish d same but even more... >,<
    Musang: bukan lepas exam, semasa exam plakk... 2.15 ptg tu aku paper.tindakan bijak?
    Ajak? Bukannye aku knal ko, slalu nmpak je.. yg kenal ko tu Izzati.. salah die arr... g marah die, go go... :P