Saturday, May 15, 2010

sometimes, maybe all the time too

i wonder why people are so plastic, ignorant, unable to accept and most of all- failure to respect.

i know i am not that good of a person either...
but i do have feelings and i am considerate, just that i really won't show, not ever.... i prefer to let my 'ms.nice' saved up when everybody is pissy and irrational n emotional.


People would misunderstand n under rate me(believe me they do) but at the end of the day, at least i can say ,"hey, i'm still me".


i do easily turn heartless towards people who've done me wrong... my revenge are like mischievous idea, but know what~ yeah, i do actually hate apart of you.


There are;
i can just forgive
spot on,
takes time

NoteToWhoever: Yeah, that's me...

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