Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things, new ones

That's the G-Shock my dad bought for me.... yes i'm suppose to be wearing Baby-G but hey this one rocks harder.
ps: colour-nye sangat mencapap, my dad yang pick it okay?? But it doesn't make me love it any less :D

Woot Woot.. a new pair of uh shoes? sandal? WTV i broke my old heels- berlubang kot o.O
So bought this one- at half price~ :D

Haha.. da nak kene penampar oleh zati, emel n auni bab memilih sangat kasutnye.... dah ade cantek nk gak half price... haha.. biarla... u won't lose by being cheap to yourself...kan? kan?

What I wanna point here is the 'Wood Frame-Green Based-with 2 Hooks Thing' i picked it up from the grabage bin... it was on top n bersih ok!!
It's some kid's projek KH, apelah buang, i still keep mine tao n my adek siap amek one of it( i had two)

So those are the new stuff that i have in my posession lately... yeay!! Alhamdulillah... Thanx Allah for blessing me with these, n yes I'll do better~ I'll try... I promise I will... >,<
NoteToSelf: Gi study laaaaa....

Ps: Zati wat keje bodo gi ltak perfume BANYAK kat langsir n now the whole room is filled with MY apple blosssom perfume n killing us all slowly....

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