Sunday, May 2, 2010

yesterday.Today.Not tomorow

My board... as crappy as it looks, it has been d only thing that've been helping me to keep my focus on my studies.
the white sheet of paper indicates my exam papers :D

Last night(night of 1st May 2010) a hyper-activ-monkey~human look-a-like roomate (Nama sbenar:Izzati) of mine have rolled on 'roll on perfume' to my room's curtain, see those dark lines on the curtains?? Those are the perfume marks. And its apple smelling odour is killing my roomates
and I.
I can even taste d perfume(don't ask how or why)

Yesterday evening, we went to pasar bersama 'Emel' tetamu khas kami. itulah kami berposing di depan keta VIP kite :D
n yes i like long baggyy pants when i do my afternoon hyperactive time, it eases my movement, so leave me be.. Bwueek..!

This morning, around Subuh...
Chantek langit... :D

Uh oh btw, i could answer my exams... yeay!! Thank You Allah, Alhamdulillah..... '
Just between you n me-i don't think i deserve the bless....

NoteToSelf:Tido tido tido tido.....

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  1. langsir baru ek? And langit sgt sgt cantik.